Come and Exhibit With Us

Saturday 28th May to Monday 30th May 2022
Mentmore, Buckinghamshire LU7 0QF

Meet the Artists

Please take a look at the artists that will be exhibiting in the Church and Village Hall

Alan Andrews

Alan AndrewsView Bio

Alan lives in Wing and has a passion for drawing architectural studies of buildings along with other works inspired by surrealism.
Alan’s preferred medium is pen and pencil.”

Katy Blunt

Katy BluntView Bio

Katy has painted all her life and studied Theatre Design at St Martins and an Ma at The Slade University College, London. She then did a PGCE in Secondary Art at Roehampton Institute and taught for a while. Having been brought up in Bucks Katy returned home to live in Winslow, a town she is very fond of. Katy continues to paint every Tuesday at The Queens Park Centre in Aylesbury with a group of professional artists and exhibits locally. Her work is collected in Devon, London and locally. Her most recent exhibition was at Obsidian Art in September and at Aylesbury High School Christmas Show. Katy exhibited at Wendover for Bucks Art Weeks in June where she was at The Little Bird Told Me Gallery, which went very well. Katy also exhibits at Mentmore regularly. Her paintings are mostly of scenes from Devon and are colourful and jovial with a graceful originality that springs from her love of colour and the environment around her.

Please contact me on

01296 711151

Wendy Bird

Wendy BirdView Bio

Wendy Diana Bird 00447765452586
My work is about being part of the natural world. I am fascinated by rocks and prehistoric art. I would like to be an owl or a fox for one night.
Nature sculpts the world through movement. Trees grow slowly, water runs fast. Each leaf, cloud, dragonfly’s wing… is unique. Light permeates the invisible air. Mind dissolves into the object – there is no separation.
Wendy studied Fine Art and Printmaking in England and Spain.
• I was at Amersham College of Art where I was taught painting by Sir Romeo di Girolamo RA and Lithography by Henry Trivick RA, (who also taught Stanley Spencer).

Dorienne Carmel

Dorienne CarmelView Bio

Dorienne Carmel lives and works in Elstree Hertfordshire ; her way of working does not follow trends and fashions. Her professional qualifications are seen in her artistic inspiration.


Mary Casserley

Mary CasserleyView Bio

My work revisits a classic era of 1930’s Railway poster design. Painted in gouache, my style has been influenced by the artists who were famous for creating the pre-war advertising posters. I particularly admire the work of

Norman Wilkinson, who I have recently discovered was an old boy of Berkhamsted School – where I work in the art department.


Sue Cosby

Sue CosbyView Bio

Hi, I’ve been painting now for about 20 years, I’m very passionate about my paintings and all the other crafts I do. This is my ninth time at Mentmore, I’ve had very little formal training, but have decided to make my own path into Arts and craft. Hope you enjoy my work.

Veronique Cole

Veronique ColeView Bio

I originate from Paris, France and am presently living in the United Kingdom. My love of art started at a young age and was an important part of my university education.
I have used all mediums in the past but have more recently focussed on using oil and acrylic.
Attention to detail is paramount and I will often spend many hours researching a subject before commencing the actual artwork.

Avril Stanley-Coles

Avril Stanley-ColesView Bio

Avril has studied Chinese art for several years and enjoys creating pictures using her knowledge of Chinese painting to convey her love of nature, expressing her ideas in delicate brush strokes and techniques reflected in thousands of years of Chinese culture.
Avril lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, who is a photographer.


Charles Stanley-Coles

Charles Stanley-ColesView Bio

Time is mostly taken up with running a small family business publishing fine art greeting cards but whenever possible my interest and love of photography, a lifelong passion, comes first.

Emily Crothers

Emily CrothersView Bio

I am a 17 year old local artist studying art at A Level at Berkhamsted Sixth Form. I mainly work in watercolours, oils, acrylics, inks and charcoal as well as exploring interesting textures. I like to create pieces with loose, bold mark making, highly contrasting tonal values and brightly coloured paint. I love to draw and paint a wide range of subjects including animals, portraiture, still life and landscapes and I recently began to experiment with ceramics, abstraction and distortion.

Sarah Croucher

Sarah CroucherView Bio

Sarah grew up in Leighton Buzzard before studying Theatre Design at
Nottingham Trent University. She went on to
win a place on the BBC Vision costume scheme
and worked as a Costume Assistant on a variety
of television and film productions. More
recently, she undertook several courses in
writing and illustrating children’s picture books. Sarah enjoys working in both ink and collage and balances art work alongside, teaching and being a mum.

Debbie Crooks

Debbie CrooksView Bio

I find inspiration through walking and cycling in the Chiltern Hills for my landscape paintings. The intensity of light, colour and form through the changing of the seasons is of particular interest. Using photographs and sketching out in the field as a starting point, I develop my ideas using a variety of techniques and am at the moment focusing on using the medium of acrylic inks. Contemporary landscape painters such as, Margo Maeckelberghe and Kurt Jackson, have been an influence with their freedom of expression.

Paul Crudge

Paul CrudgeView Bio

My training as a cabinetmaker by John Makepeace is where my interest in the arts began.
I continue to make bespoke furniture from my workshop in Tring.
I am new to painting and enjoy experimenting in acrylic.

Amanda Curbishley

Amanda CurbishleyView Bio

I am a contemporary artist who works in acrylics and mixed media.
I feel a connection to light, shape and colour in nature which is reflected in my work. I love the versatility of acrylic and by using acrylic and mixed media I try to incorporate bright colours and textures into my paintings, which lean toward the semi abstract. My subjects are varied but I tend towards marine art. I like to try out new techniques and to continue to develop as an artist.
I am a regular exhibitor around Buckinghamshire including at the Obsidian Gallery, Bucks Art Society Exhibitions, Bucks Open Studios, Bucks County Museum and various art festivals.
I have exhibited at the Royal Society of Marine Artists exhibition and the ING Discerning Eye exhibition, both at the Mall Galleries in central London, at ‘Not the Royal Academy’ at the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London and at The Crypt Gallery, St. Ives with members of the National Acrylic Painters Association. I held a solo art exhibition at Claydon Estate Courtyard, 2018. I have also exhibited with the Oxford Art Society and in ‘The People’s Landscape exhibition’ at Claydon House.
I have sold to private collections both home and abroad.
I am a member of National Acrylic Painters Association, Buckinghamshire Art Society and member of the Visual Images Group. I teach a drawing and painting class at the Queens Park Arts Centre and guest tutor at other local groups.

Mickayla Cuthbert

Mickayla CuthbertView Bio

I am a silversmith manipulating silver to produce individualistic jewellery. Echoing clean modern design in hand crafted items and specialising in, elegant statement pieces


James Davey

James DaveyView Bio

For Mentmore 2020, James Davey
presents ‘Square-Shaped’

A slightly different perspective
on the traditional landscape.

Drawing on his experience painting
vistas within walking distance,
he attempts to deliver scenes of
nature from all over the place,
all while containing it within
a nice neat box.

Kate Dean

Kate DeanView Bio

I am an artist illustrator and I create work of the places, spaces and objects that trigger an emotional response.

My practice is drawing, painting sketches of the subject, revisiting from many angles, in different scales, before standing to paint a loose, free version of the subject matter.

I have taught art for many years and gain much from the student, a reciprocal exchange. My work is exhibited in Hertfordshire and London.



Debbie Eden

Debbie EdenView Bio

Debbie is a qualified glass artist who studied glass at the renowned International Glass Centre in Stourbridge.
She now has a cottage industry creating kiln-formed glassworks and jewellery in her Leighton Buzzard home studio.


Matt Ellis

Matt EllisView Bio

Matt Ellis is nearly 50 and still not dead. Some people find this rather irritating.

Whilst he has a day job, he’s also a semi professional photographer and member of the Royal Photographic Society.

Though wildlife is his preference, garden plants don’t run away quite so often as cute furry animals!

Being a big kid, he also likes photographing cars, which tend to complain less than people and almost never ask for money.

He lives with his long-suffering wildlife artist fiancée, Alison Perkins, who is also at Mentmore this year.

And he takes commissions, details of which are on his website.

Tel: 07910 077 616



Stephanie Fisher

Stephanie FisherView Bio

I completed a degree in Illustration many years ago, although I didn’t pursue a career in art at the time. Since becoming a mother 6 years ago, I have focused on building my career around my art, doing what I love. I have also been teaching art classes for the last year.
I work mainly in acrylics but I also like to try different mediums to experiment with and develop my style. I do not have a favourite subject as such, although I find a lot of my inspiration comes from animals and wildlife.
My painting style is quite bold – I love colour! Over the years my style has become more abstract and expressive. I use a palette knife to create the backgrounds, whilst keeping some detail on the subject.
I also enjoy graphite pencil drawing, where I tend to focus on rather more detail than I would with a painting.

Jim Francis

Jim FrancisView Bio

Jim creates his unique Statues and Wall Hanging Sculptures using only the finest authentic metallic compounds including Pewter, Bronze, Copper & Brass.
Jim uses his own unique casting technique process that he has developed through many years of practical experience that reflect his passion for his work.
Using clay and resin in the origination of his works, the suspended melded metallic finish is fused to the sculpture, which is then hand polished.
Jim has been commissioned by the BBC, and has sold work into more than 25 different countries worldwide.
Being weatherproof, most of Jims wall sculptures and statues are also suitable for garden and outdoors locations.

Carol Fulton

Carol FultonView Bio

I am a professional photographer but also now work as a verre églomisé artist after coming across the ancient technique of gilding and painting on glass a couple of years ago. Having always been inspired by light and reflection it feels quite natural yet very exciting to find myself suddenly immersed in this new world of glass and gold leaf! These works at Mentmore represent my first show.

Carol Fulton MA RCA
07754 877333
Studio in Aston Clinton, Bucks

Yan Yun Gao

Yan Yun GaoView Bio

I am a self taught artist who started to paint with oil in 2013, having spent a year attending courses to learn different techniques and skills. I am passionate about all kinds of art and enjoy painting various different types of landscape, seascape, flowers, still life, and portraits.

Catherine Golds

Catherine GoldsView Bio

I am inspired by nature and the endless possibilities of forging, texturing and manipulating sterling silver. I really love the variety and colour of precious and semi precious gemstones and I sometimes combine their beauty into my designs.

I use traditional silversmithing techniques and each piece is a labour of love and unique as they are hand-crafted. I strive to create beautiful, affordable jewellery that can be worn every day and statement pieces for that special occasion. I work from my studio in Buckinghamshire.

Alexander James Gordon

Alexander James GordonView Bio

Alexander James Gordon’s paintings are inspired by the colour and light found in everyday travels. Drawing influence from the sky and imagining the possibility of colour to be used within his artwork. He will find colours from small marks on objects, especially if they are worn or are slightly damaged and play with these images and thoughts to create his next piece of work.

As an artist who is inspired by the ever changing sky and its influence on the colour in the world, he is very excited by the change of light which takes place in a very short period of time and the early rises of colour within the day.

Alexander works in oil paint with a palette knife to leave a visible mark on the canvas, this creates a texture to his work which adds a subtle layering to the piece. He is particularly fond of the marks made towards the end of the piece as he reveals the layers of paint beneath.

T- 07788920293

Eddie Gosney

Eddie GosneyView Bio

After a career in advertising, Eddie has returned to his first love of photography which he studied as part of his graphics course at college. He has been concentrating on developing a portfolio of limited edition photographic prints of his work over several years.
T: 01296 624425/07803 721963

Tania Groombridge

Tania GroombridgeView Bio

I design a bespoke range of fashion and homeware items. This includes hand dyed silk scarves, ties and bow ties. I also make a range of felted items, such as purses, brooches, cards and a mixture of animals and characters. Alongside this there are examples of knitted and crochet fashion ware and decorations. All of my creations are handmade individual items using a wide range of materials and techniques that are suited to the piece.


Michael Hartley

Michael HartleyView Bio

I was born in Tring where I still live. I like going out with my camera and taking photos of landscapes and then paint them I enjoyed art as a teen many years ago . And after retiring found I wanted to get back into it. So I spend a lot of time painting and learning different ways to approach the way I paint . I do most subjects. Landscapes, portraits, I use oils, acrylics, and I have just started trying watercolours.

Melanie Harvey

Melanie HarveyView Bio

My second year exhibiting at Mentmore Arts Festival, I am a self-taught artist who started painting in the late summer of 2017 using acrylics, but subsequently I have moved into using predominantly oils.

I enjoy painting a wide variety of subjects and relish the challenge of trying something new.

Most of my current work involves nature in some form; be that landscapes or waterscapes, or wild animals and birds, but equally I love to capture the quirky characters of our furry domestic friends and I take commissions for pet portraits.

My next challenges I am interested in trying include some more architecture, especially old mediaeval towns in France, and café scenes – watch this space!

Striving for realism in my work, I wish to capture and celebrate the vibrancy and richness surrounding us if we just stop long enough to look.

Catherine Henshaw

Catherine HenshawView Bio

Catherine Henshaw creates beautiful pieces of fused glass from her workshop just outside Princes Risborough.

She has been teaching and working with glass for over six years and has evolved a distinct style of work that draws on her love of the natural world. From tiny pieces of jewellery to larger framed scenes depicting landscapes, seascapes, birds, trees and rainbows, she is fascinated by the vibrant qualities and depth of field that working in coloured glass can offer.

Birds and animals are all individually hand painted in exquisite detail, each taking several hours to complete, and are available to order.

Jim Hetterley

Jim HetterleyView Bio

A retired art teacher, who paints mainly in acrylics and usually of local scenes and landscapes.

T: 01525 375455

Ann Hoile

Ann HoileView Bio

I work with a wide variety of textiles both vintage and modern to create an interesting mixture of colour and texture. Inspiration for my work comes from the fabric from which I develop into a range of useful gifts. My main focus is bags of all shapes and sizes. I include patchwork, quilting and machine embroidery to enhance the fabrics and embellish, if needed, with beads, button and handmade flowers. Mostly items are individual works of art.

T: 01525 379921

Jenny Hoole

Jenny HooleView Bio

As an award winning commercial designer in the fashion industry Jenny brings a sensitivity to the glass making process… Her inspiration is drawn from her fascination with colour, pattern and texture.
Each piece of glass jewellery is created by Jenny to be elegant, simple and contemporary.
The decor pieces are a modern statement for the home expressing pattern and form in functional vessels.
Each new glass piece is carefully tailored to ensure it is true to the original idea

Susan Horler

Susan HorlerView Bio

A Buckinghamshire UK artist creating handmade ceramics, using sculptural, throwing, and slip-casting techniques and a variety of different glazing treatments and decorative styles, including the use of precious metals. In addition, creating individual fused glass art pieces with a variety of inclusions and artistic elements, as a result of wider interest and experience in stained glass and glass engraving. IG: @CloakedInClay

Belinda Hunt

Belinda HuntView Bio


Having trained under Dennis Hawkins RA, Belinda studied Fine Art at Byam Shaw, and Figurative Sculpture at the Heatherley. She is currently studying for an MA in Art Therapy at UH, and works in London as an Art Historian.
Her greatest influences include the Paris School and Bloomsbury set, for their sensual use of colour and line. She specialises in figurative and organic forms in various media in 2D and 3D.
She has exhibited in London, Edinburgh and Buckinghamshire and commissions have included murals, portraits, floral miniatures and ceramics.
Belinda is happy to accept commissions.Please contact

Belinda Hunt

Gill Johnston

Gill JohnstonView Bio

Hi my name is Gill Johnston,
I live in Cheddington .
I took up art just under 3 years ago, encouraged by my husband David, who bought me a combination art starter set. I quickly discovered my preferred medium to be acrylics, and joined a small art group locally, which has given me much inspiration and encouragement, and given me the confidence to exhibit my work here at Mentmore, for the second time.
I hope you like my work.
G.Jo Art

Rhodri Jones

Rhodri JonesView Bio

Rhodri was born in the Seychelles and educated in London where he now lives and works. He is a retired design engineer. He is self taught and started painting at an early age, making copies of the Renaissance, Impressionist, Post-Impressionists and French artists. He belongs to various art societies which keeps him in touch with other artists and provide opportunities to exhibit his works. He works in watercolour, acrylic and pastel.

Sharon Korek

Sharon KorekView Bio

Sharon set up her own studio in Hitchin in 2014. Her work uses fused and cast glass techniques and includes both decorative and functional pieces. Her work is inspired by nature and the awesome power of the sea.


Jean Langdon

Jean LangdonView Bio

“My interest in ceramics was early aroused by the shapes and styles of ancient clay artefacts – humans everywhere on earth discovered, quite independently, that useful articles could be fashioned from materials dug from the ground. So we inherit an enormously rich tradition from which we can draw our ideas for making objects both useful and decorative from the past.

Coil building gives me most satisfaction and enables me to explore a wide variety of shapes to interpret in whatever way i wish, and to experiment with different ways of glazing and finishing my work, hopefully to give pleasure to others.”

Doretta Matthews

Doretta MatthewsView Bio

Doretta comes from a family of artists and has trained in fine art in South Africa. She has travelled widely, and her powerful, atmospheric oil paintings reflect this. She now lives and works in Wendover
Phone 01296 622046
Mobile 07855 454684

Marion and Stuart Macrae

Marion and Stuart MacraeView Bio

Marion Macrae studied Art Education at Leeds and has taught art in schools and more recently in Adult Education. She now runs her own watercolour landscape classes at Heath and Reach. She also works in pen and wash, mixed media and silk.Her favourite, however, is watercolour flower painting. She has exhibited locally for many years and was chair of Leighton Buzzard art Society.

Stuart Macrae learnt drawing starting with cartoons and then represented his school with a pen and wash aged 12.The drawing was used extensively in his career as a Physics teacher and later in business presentations. He has attended various art course since retiring (including Marion’s) and sells work at local pubs and exhibitions. He works in watercolour, oil and acrylic, but his favourite is pen and wash.

Dan McShane

Dan McShaneView Bio

Artist…Multitude of styles and subject matter in most mediums…just love to create. Self publish a range of cards, produce commissions and prints.

Tea, coffee, biscuits, dogs and music all seem to add to the chaos in my small studio….perfect. Always open to chat all things art.

Either directly here or:

Mobile UK :+44 (0)7530152557


Facebook: Dan McShane Art

Instagram: danmcshaneart

Jenny Molloy

Jenny MolloyView Bio

I have been a local amateur artist for past 20 years, specialising in poultry, animals and general wildlife. I use watercolour paints and pastels . This is mainly a hobby but I am happy to take commissions too.
Thanks. Jenny

T: 01525 375893

William Morello

William MorelloView Bio

William Morello is a self-taught landscape artist, working exclusively in the medium of watercolour. His paintings catalogue local scenes from the home counties and are concerned with story telling and capturing the transformative quality of light on everyday subjects.

Instagram: wrjmorello

John Morris

John MorrisView Bio

John studied art at St Paul’s College, Cheltenham. After teaching for five years, John lived and worked in Hong Kong. Works were produced in watercolour, gouache and collage. Further travel has resulted in paintings from Europe, Middle and Far East, North America, Australia and Scandinavia as well, of course, as those of local interest in the UK. John’s work encompasses a wide range of subjects: street scenes, buildings, portraits of animals and children, woodlands and landscapes.

T: 01525 714995

Caroline Newland-Smith

Caroline Newland-SmithView Bio

Caroline has turned to ceramics following a long career as a conservation architect and now works from her home studio in Stewkley, Buckinghamshire, crafting pieces with crisp forms that often have architectural inspiration. Her work tends to start with multiple wheel thrown sections, which are then combined and altered to make more articulated complex pieces. She likes everything to have at least notional usability and always enjoys hearing how her pots fund uses in their final homes.

Caroline’s pots are made in grogged stoneware or fine porcelain, decorated with slips, underglazes and oxides before being dipped in their final glaze. If you would like any more information or to commission a piece, please do get in touch.


Jay Nolan-Latchford

Jay Nolan-LatchfordView Bio

Jay studied illustration and design at Brighton and has been a professional artist for 30 years. Her work has been used for textiles, fashion, interiors, greetings cards and magazines. Returning to her first love of affordable, decorative art her large, bright, mixed media pieces now hang in homes and commercial spaces across the UK as well as Boston, Melbourne, New York and Beijing.
T: 07891 986817
FB: Jay Nolan-Latchford Artist

Stella Parslow

Stella ParslowView Bio

Stella Parslow is launching a range of new work, originals, prints, limited editions finished with high resin gloss and hand painted frames

T: 01908 648697

ZIta Pascoe

ZIta PascoeView Bio

I adore acrylic fluid art as you never know how it is going to turn out, the abstract effects are just amazing and each painting is an individual piece, totally unique, it can never be replicated.
Using different colours and techniques produces such stunning impacts.
If you would like to view my art or commission a painting please contact me
Email: / Mobile: 07517 018889

Graham Pellow

Graham PellowView Bio

Graham Pellow has had a passion for drawing and painting since childhood, particularly watercolour landscapes. He works in most mediums, since all have their own strengths and weaknesses. More recently he has worked extensively in oils and mixed media.

Whilst traveling the world Graham loves to record the trips using sketch books, often in challenging locations. He now has an extensive collection, often using these sketches to work up larger paintings. These sketch books have become his prized possessions.

Creating a painting with atmosphere is always Graham’s ambition, capturing fleeting moments of light, often early in the morning or late evening.

Graham exhibited in USA for several years, completing many commissions varying from landscapes to horse racing events. He taught art privately for 15 years in his North London studio, however having recently moved to Leighton Buzzard he is exploring the rich local landscape for artistic inspiration. He is now Vice Chairman of Leighton Buzzard Art Society.

Graham demonstrates to art societies in the mediums of watercolour, oil, pastel acrylic and mixed media.

Anja Penger-Onyett

Anja Penger-OnyettView Bio

As a ceramic artist I am largely self-taught, starting pottery as a hobby in evening classes over 30 years ago.
10 years ago, I decided to turn my hobby into a full-time profession.

My work is mostly thrown on the potters-wheel and then altered and sculpted. I like to make decorative ceramics either for display in the garden, on a balcony or on a patio or indoors. I also make functional ceramics, again thrown on the potters-wheel and altered to obtain unusual forms.

I am inspired by natural forms, flowers and seed-heads. When I make my pieces, I try to emphasize the characteristics of an instantly recognisable shape. For example, my poppy seed heads have large crowns which are even more pronounced by the vibrant colour of glass-frits in the middle.
I also get inspiration from my immediate environment for example the shape of my first ever handbag resulted in the line of handbag vases.

The use of white stoneware clay enables me to fire the pieces to high temperatures and it allows the colours of the glazes to come through.

All work is either fired in an electric kiln or under reduction conditions in a gas-fired kiln to stoneware temperatures. This makes the decorative pieces frost-proof and suitable for outdoors all year round.

I mix all my glazes from raw materials and the experimenting never stops!
I want to let the glazes tell a story inspired by nature, travel, landscape and environment: my way of painting with minerals and fire

Alison Perkins

Alison PerkinsView Bio

Alison is a self-taught wildlife and pet portrait artist from rural Bedfordshire. Working mainly in graphite and coloured pencil as it captures the natural essence of her subjects.

Alison has exhibited nationally and accepts wildlife and pet portrait commissions.

More details are on her website.

T: 07952 291340

Elizabeth Piggott

Elizabeth PiggottView Bio

I have drawn, painted and created in many disciplines and attended various recreational art courses. I have a BA Hons. Graphic Design. I now have the opportunity to create for my own enjoyment and have a particular interest in silk screen printing. I am an associate member of the Oxford Printmakers Cooperative.
Elizabeth Piggott

Lesley Pollock

Lesley PollockView Bio

Lesley Pollock- TagArt.
Forging, melting, milling and casting silver and gold into beautiful finished objects brings me pleasure and joy.
Nature cannot be improved upon but it is the inspiration behind ideas leading to adornments which can mimic in shape and texture natural objects like a leaf, shell or a starfish.
I do this by using a range of techniques, some ancient, including loop in loop Viking chains, fusing gold to fine silver and sculpting wax for casting in silver and gold.

Beverley Purdue

Beverley PurdueView Bio

My paintings are an exploration of the play of light in natural and urban spaces .

I love working with oil, cold wax and mixed media and through the pouring and layering of paint, my pieces reflect the mimetic process found in nature.

I live and teach art in Hertfordshire and my recent visits to Spain, Italy and Cornwall have influenced my current work. I have exhibited in Hertfordshire and Cornwall.

Commissions welcome

Limited Edition prints available



Nathalie Pymm

Nathalie PymmView Bio

Nathalie Pymm Artist & Printmaker
07747 691483
Nathalie is an artist and printmaker working full time in her garden studio in Amersham, Buckinghamshire.Her paintings and print work are inspired by Port Isaac, in Cornwall, her travels, architecture, her pets, objects as well as anything with bright colours. Nathalie is a member of Buckinghamshire Art Society, The Visual Arts Group and Beechwood Artists. She takes part each summer in Bucks Art Weeks where visitors can come and see her working and all of her artwork which will be available to buy.Nathalie has exhibited throughout Buckinghamshire as well as at the Mall Galleries as part of the Society of Women’s exhibition and also the ING Discerning Eye exhibition. She has sold work to buyers from the UK, Europe and also America.

Bev Ralphs

Bev RalphsView Bio

I moved into the lovely village of Marsworth about 5 years ago and my love for art that I discovered in my teenage years was reignited. I have not had any formal art training, but I do now attend a local art class which is tutored by a wonderful professional artist, who has helped me to develop my style.

I mainly work in watercolour, pastel, water mixable oils and graphite. My work is varied often based on the natural world and inspired by what I see, including some in abstract style. I love to play with colour enjoying being both bold and subtle.

I hope you enjoy my work.

E mail –

Mike Ralphs

Mike RalphsView Bio

photographer, artist, writer and recycler.

Photography was my first love, but with the rise of smartphones to make taking photos easy and accessible.

Editing apps to make creative photos from the mundane.

The technical advances in cameras and software has for me, taken away the fun.

So now I am a creative writer, a creative artist in various media and a creative recycler, making old objects into something useful.

I have created a new persona, ‘brookesgrandad’ which is what I am.

I have launched a new website where I showcase my writing, artwork and recycled stuff.

Life is fun, until technology or death takes it away from me.


I am on facebook and instagram

Richard Roncon

Richard RonconView Bio

Richard Roncon

I am a local amateur artist previously trained as a graphic designer who has only found the time recently to concentrate on drawing and painting. Primarily a coloured pencil artist I also like to experiment in pastels and acrylics

I specialise in animal drawings but am particularly passionate about endangered species
Mobile 07751083240

Carl Russell

Carl RussellView Bio

Carl is returning to art for art’s sake having spent the last 30 odd years as a graphic designer. Before that, he studied graphics with a heavy bias towards illustration at Chelsea School of Art, and now enjoys painting portraits and contra jour local street scenes in acrylic. Carl lives and works in Leighton Buzzard.

Sarah Russell

Sarah RussellView Bio

Sarah uses printmaking, painting and collage to express herself. The starting point is usually the landscape around her although often ends in abstraction and mark making. Sarah participates in exhibitions locally and further afield throughout the year and delivers workshops in printmaking and abstraction.

Eleanor Sidaway

Eleanor SidawayView Bio

I am a largely self-taught artist working in water soluble oil paint and acrylic. I often work on a prepared background of textured paper or collage.and I like to paint still life, flowers and landscapes. I enjoy exploring the medium to see what effects and textures can be produced and playing with combinations of colour.


SkeviView Bio

Skevi is a self-taught artist working primarily with resin, inks and acrylic creating unique and colourful abstract creations and seascapes. She has exhibited across the UK and has participated in art fairs and pop-up shows in Singapore. She has worked on commissioned works for private yachts, residences and hotels around the world and has been featured in Tatler.
Her fluid contemporary works are truly iconic and are an instant feature, bringing vibrancy and character to any space. Her beautiful seascapes capture the true essence of the ocean and are often mistaken for photography.
Skevi is well travelled and spent many years living in the US and Asia where she managed a trading system for a major investment bank. She turned to art when she took time out from her career to raise her two sons. She draws inspiration from her travels along with her passion for the outdoors and the ocean.
Her works have raised money, via auction or sale, for a variety of charities such as Kick Sarcoma, Kampuchea Balopp, a non-profit organisation in Cambodia, the ATLAS Foundation, NHS Charities Together and the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust. Skevi has also helped raised funds for local clubs Tring Park Cricket Club, Tring Rugby Club and Berkhamsted Cricket Club during the Covid-19 outbreak.
Commissions welcome.
Instagram: @SkeviYourAbstractartist
Facebook: @YourAbstractArtist

Jo Stewart

Jo StewartView Bio

“Jo worked for many years in oil and watercolour, taking commissions for homes and pets. Now concentring on pastels, painting for pleasure our beautiful and inspirational landscapes.”

Jo Stewart

Colin Stokes

Colin StokesView Bio

Colin is a local Artist, working in Acrylics, mixed Media, Soft Pastel, Watercolour, Inks and Charcoal.

Originally from Cheshire, Colin Moved 18 months ago to Aylesbury after meeting the love of his life

Colin works full time running his business as a Bespoke Cabinetmaker. He first developed an interest in Art at the age of 11 after visiting the Louvre Art Gallery.

He has exhibited his art work in galleries and Juried Art shows both in the UK and America. Colin studied Art at Macclesfield college of Art before emigrating to America in 1997 , where he continued his studies briefly. He is predominantly self taught.

Colin is exhibiting at several venues throughout the year in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, and Oxfordshire culminating in a three week Solo Exhibition at the Queens Park Art Center in Aylesbury.

His inspiration is drawn from people and places during his travels, and the Artists Hopper, Lewis, Seurat, Degas, and the French photographer Brassai

Commissions Accepted.

Carol Summerfield

Carol SummerfieldView Bio

Carol studied Fine Art at Brighton College of Art and has recently left a career in the Library Service to follow her passion for painting full time.
Carol’s work is based on landscape nature and form and the abstract shapes that nature creates. Colour is a very important aspect of her painting, both the delicate and vibrant. She uses oil paint, pencil, ink and scratching with knives to explore har fascination with pathways and life’s journeys within her work.
Carol participated in Bucks Art Week and Obsidian Spring Exhibition 2019.
Commissions undertaken.
Please contact or 07769353722

Kelly Vincent

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Kelly is an abstract artist with a love for working with alcohol inks and resin. She was born in Oxford although she spent 10 years of her childhood growing up in Southern Spain. Kelly now lives in Buckinghamshire with her husband and two children.

After working in London as a Police Officer for 12 years, Kelly was diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. As a way to channel her nervous energy and boost her mood she started painting. Painting allowed her to switch off and for once in her life, be completely present in the moment. Painting has been an amazing therapy for Kelly, and it has helped her reach a place in her life where she is simply happy and exactly where she wants to be.
With a simple goal to hold on to that feeling of happiness, Kelly is now a full-time artist working from her home studio in Buckinghamshire.
M: 07487520609

Jane Waller

Jane WallerView Bio

Jane trained at Hornsey Art College (BA Sculpture) and then at the Royal College of Art (MA Ceramics) and she has drawn throughout her life, concentrating chiefly on capturing movement.

One of the things she enjoys now is to attend Ballet Dress Rehearsals and draw ‘Dancers in Movement’ in the dark – the orchestra strikes up, the curtains open – and the auditorium lights go out. So she homes in on the stage, and just captures the movement the dancers make during each ballet. Often she adds colour very swiftly afterwards, but does not work on the drawings – or they stop dancing!

She is delighted to show her work at Mentmore and will bring some drawings from recent ballets.

Esperanza Walsh

Esperanza WalshView Bio

Esperanza Walsh is a visionary artist who imparts her thoughts and insights through her art. She is currently the Team Leader for Creative Ministries at St. Peter’s Church in Edgware and shares her artistic gifts with the community through art workshops and art for wellness sessions for adults, children and special needs individuals and groups.

Her artworks can be seen at

Among Esperanza’s celebrated works are “Picadilly Circus” featured in Average Art Magazine in August 2017, “My Countryside Paradise” based on M J Ford’s photo, ‘Along the Tissington Trail’ and “Field of Poppies” inspired by the poppy display at the Tower of London in 2014 both in SAA’s Paint magazine, September 2016 Issue.

Guantgao Zhang

Guantgao ZhangView Bio

My name is Guangtao Zhang,l am a self taught artist who started painting in 2017, using oil and acrylic.
I enjoy painting wildlife,animals,landscape and portraits.

My email: