Come and Exhibit With Us

Saturday 25th May to Monday 27th May 2024
Mentmore, Buckinghamshire LU7 0QF

Meet the Artists

Please take a look at the artists that will be exhibiting in the Church and Village Hall

Alan Andrews

Alan AndrewsView Bio

I am a self taught artist with a passion for producing detailed architectural studies. I also create work inspired by nature and surrealism. My preferred mediums are fine line pen and pen and ink. I have recently experimented with developing my work using wood engraving and lino cut printing methods. This will be my 9th year at the Mentmore Arts Festival.

Mia Babb

Mia BabbView Bio

Mia Babb is an artist with an unlimited enthusiasm for trying different mediums but a particular fondness for pen & ink – loving the challenge of capturing detail but with a creative twist. Sometimes they are finished with watercolour and have gold leaf applied.

Beverley Bailey Paterson

Beverley Bailey PatersonView Bio

Abstract images influenced by what I have seen, mirror the physical topography of our environment.
To experience the landscape, it’s colours, touch, fragrance and multiple views is to travel through as if to ‘Roam’.
My artistic process uses colour, shape and texture to uncover these mysterious forms.


Alison Berthelsen

Alison BerthelsenView Bio

I create unique designs in silver & gold, with precious stones & pearls. Incorporating them in modern & eclectic ways, that are timeless and classic. My work has lots of textures and contrasts.
My jewellery is totally wearable for the everyday, and amazing with your best frock too!
I have been working with precious metals for over 20 years, with a background of Display in West End department stores & photography styling for many years.
Instagram/ alisonberthelsenjewellery

Jill Blakey

Jill BlakeyView Bio

Jill is a self taught abstract artist, she has a passion for colour, maths and interiors. Jill loves working with customers to choose or create the perfect statement piece of artwork for their home. Using acrylics, spray paint and inks, Jill creates artwork packed full of colours, textures and layers.

Instagram: @jillblakeyart

Facebook: @jillblakeyart

Tony Bowler

Tony BowlerView Bio

Sculptural Ceramics 
My introduction to pottery was through school but as I approached retirement I enrolled on an evening ceramics class. Once retired I developed my skills further and an inspirational Masterclass with Ashraf Hanna at the Clay College in Stoke-on-Trent led me to concentrate on hand-built ceramics. My current work is an intuitive exploration of form and texture finished using a simple colour palette.

 I work alongside my good friend Jane Wigley from her garden studio in Mentmore and she will again be exhibiting with me. Most of Jane’s work reflects her love of wildlife and is also hand-built.

Denise Bowser

Denise BowserView Bio

Denise is inspired by nature. She paints in acrylics and also uses a range of mixed media, for example, pastes, cut outs, cardboard, glue, and sand. She enjoys the absorbing aspect of the creative process.
Denise exhibits and sells her works at art exhibitions in Herts, Beds and London.

Emma Bracken

Emma BrackenView Bio

After gaining my degree in textile design, I freelanced and designed fabrics for fashion, this involved freehand painting flower designs straight onto screen, which could only be printed once. After some years, I lost my passion in textiles and had a 14yr break from anything arty, but constantly felt sad like I hadn’t reached my true potential. A couple of years ago, I randomly ordered some coloured pencils, after being inspired by some amazing artists. After many hours of practice, pencils turned out to be my favourite medium. I started up my business drawing wildlife and pet portraits. I like to have an emotional connection to my subject matter, drawing animals with soulful eyes. I get very involved, work in depth and produce lots of detail. I often contact talented photographers asking permission to use their pictures. Commissions are most welcome.

T: 01296 680472



Edward Cain

Edward CainView Bio

I began oil painting in earnest during lockdown, inspired by the wealth of video demonstrations now available online. Since then I have taken in-person instruction on courses led by the contemporary artists Julia Hawkins and Hester Berry, and feedback via Patreon from the American tonalist Devin Michael Roberts. Based in Wing village, I am honing my painting skills with hope of one day reflecting something of our real subject matter. As CS Lewis puts it: “Light itself was your first love: you paint only as a means of telling about light.”

Mary Casserley

Mary CasserleyView Bio

My work revisits a classic era of 1930’s Railway poster design. Painted in gouache on pape , my style has been influenced by the artists who were famous for creating the pre-war advertising posters. I particularly admire the work of Norman Wilkinson, who I have recently discovered was an old boy of Berkhamsted School – where I worked in the art dept for 20 years. I recently sold a picture to Boris Johnson (showing him and his family at Chequers) and received a letter from our late Queen thanking me for the picture I sent of her riding in Windsor Great Park. I paint local pictures in and around the Chilterns. I live in Tring and am chairman of Berkhamsted Local History Society and produce local history books.


Ros Castling

Ros CastlingView Bio

I specialise in textiles working with a pictorial felting process which I have developed over the last twenty years. Working with fibres I can produce pieces which range from the almost transparent to those which are 3D and sculptural.

My landscapes are inspired by my memories of the hills and seascapes of my Northern childhood. Sources of inspiration for my textile hangings and vessels are rock strata and the colour and texture of lichen and mosses whilst decay and the ravages of time on surfaces are also recurring themes.

I am a member of The Winslow Group of Artists and exhibit with them during Bucks Art Week.
Tel: 01525 375423

Matteo Cancellieri

Matteo CancellieriView Bio

My project Under-Birds celebrates overlooked birds, from garden pests to jungle dwellers. Inspired by the internet and makers’ culture, I use “proudly” analogic vibrant colours and mixed media techniques to showcase their beauty, funny looks and funky smells. Challenging the viewers to find beauty in unexpected corners of the world.

Joanne Chesney

Joanne ChesneyView Bio

I am a Tring based artist, specialising in pet portrait commissions and wildlife painting. I love the challenge of capturing the individual character and personality of all animals in detailed acrylic paintings on canvas.



T: 07762703838

Susan Chester

Susan ChesterView Bio

Susan paints the surrounding countryside, flowers growing in her garden and various treasured favourite objects in her home. She often changes or enhances the colours to create “a sense of the moment”. Susan works in watercolour,pastels and acrylics and is influenced by the work of The Impressionists, Marc Chagall and the vibrant colours and shapes of stained glass windows. Her paintings often bring elements from nature into interior settings.

M: 07899792246
T: 01442 834688

Anne Cotton

Anne CottonView Bio

Specialist glass is cut and layered, then fused together in the kiln to make jewellery, freestanding art, tableware and framed pictures. My work reflects my love of nature, flowers, trees, water and bright colours. I also love to teach and run glass workshops from my home studio.


Debbie Crooks

Debbie CrooksView Bio

I find inspiration through walking and cycling in the Chiltern Hills for my landscape paintings. The intensity of light, colour and form through the changing of the seasons is of particular interest. Using photographs and sketching out in the field as a starting point, I develop my ideas using a variety of techniques and am at the moment focusing on using the medium of acrylic inks. Contemporary landscape painters such as, Margo Maeckelberghe and Kurt Jackson, have been an influence with their freedom of expression.

Victoria Culf

Victoria CulfView Bio

I produce large, ethereal, woven wall art and nature inspired outdoor sculptural installations for festivals and public spaces. My preferred materials are recycled or naturally sourced and my work often celebrates the resilience of nature to overcome, when given the opportunity.

Amanda Curbishley

Amanda CurbishleyView Bio

Amanda is fascinated by the eects of light, by texture and
natural forms, by shape and colour in nature and she tries to
reect these in her work. By using acrylic and mixed media.
She tries to incorporate bright colours and textures into her
paintings. Although subjects can be varied, her favourite subject
to paint is the sea and more recently pebbles and rivers. Like
most people she feels connected to, and fascinated by, the sea
and water in general.
A regular exhibitor throughout Buckinghamshire she has also
exhibited in London, Oxford and St. Ives and has two solo
exhibitions. Amanda is a regular participant in Buckinghamshire
Art Weeks in June.
She has written several tutorials published in the ‘Leisure painter’
and SAA ‘Paint’ magazines. She is a member of the
Buckinghamshire Art Society, and NAPA.
She teaches a regular art class and guest tutors for other groups.
To see more of her work, look on her website or follow her on
social media.

Liz Dee

Liz DeeView Bio

I create bespoke Jewellery and Wearable Keepsakes using traditional silversmithing techniques. Although I primarily work in sterling silver, I also incorporate semi-precious stones, recycled glass, sea glass and other metals into my work.

I take on various commissions, the most unique being my SticKidz, where I transform children’s drawings into jewellery for all ages.

All my jewellery is created in my garden workshop in the beautiful Buckinghamshire village of Haddenham. I exhibit in some local outlets and at many local fairs and exhibitions.

Each year I open my workshop to the public for Bucks Art Weeks in the summer and in December for “Christmas at The Silver Workshop”. The rest of the year, I open by appointment.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to exhibit in Mentmore alongside so many talented local artists and makers.
Mob: 07971189344


Janine Dennington

Janine DenningtonView Bio

Living in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside, I am surrounded by nature. Both nature and humans can be beautiful or ugly in various ways, and it is this that provides me with inspiration. I enjoy letting my emotions dictate the brush strokes, using acrylics on canvas.
01844 208486

David Eaton

David EatonView Bio

After a long career as an illustrator and lecturer, I am starting to develop my own work. I like to create images based on places I have visited and events in the natural world. I am also interested in drawing the human figure, exploring various techniques to depict the human form.

Jeannelise Edelsten

Jeannelise EdelstenView Bio

The constant theme in my work is represented by ‘the line’ which creates a connection between my past and my present. My working method has been developed out of necessity: very little time and a growing family which required a way of working allowing bursts of hard graft and period of neglect. As the years have passed, I can now spend time developing ideas and colour schemes all still underpinned by the line.

My artwork is not a constant narrative; it can sometimes be thematic. However, it is united by the hands which makes it and the printing method used. What I like about printing is best described by artist Stephen Chambers who says: ‘printing is a mix of Chance, Recklessness and the unexpected’, that is why I am drawn to it because it has an element of control and surprise. I am interested in patterns and I am often inspired by nature, authors, art history and the rhythm of poetry. I like exploring printmaking with different methods such as screenprinting, monoprinting, drypoint and photopolymer etching.

Tel 01494 774147/07867807678

Karen Ellis-Pickett

Karen Ellis-PickettView Bio

Originally I trained at The Chelsea Physic Garden in botanical illustration using watercolours. My work is now more varied with interpreting flowers and other subjects. I use watercolour, gouache, acrylic and mixed media. I am also exploring pet portraits in coloured pencils.

Yvonne Elliott

Yvonne ElliottView Bio

Yvonne is a textile artist from Milton Keynes who likes to work in layers, adding colour, print, machine and hand embroidery to a fabric base. She exhibits framed pieces at Westbury Arts Centre and other galleries, but also enjoys making smaller items.

Marc Fraser

Marc FraserView Bio

North Marston Pottery was established in 1991.Work produced is predominately hand-thrown stoneware and porcelain. Coloured slips are then applied prior to the first firing.
After biscuit firing the work is double dipped in blue, green or white glazes with wax resist decoration. It is then refired to 1230 degrees centigrade.
O7463613026/01296 670569

Annette Fynes-Clinton

Annette Fynes-ClintonView Bio

I am quilter and textile artist working in a range of techniques including appliqué, english paper piecing, fabric paper piecing and collage.
My inspiration is taken from nature, architecture and the work of artists such as Magritte. I create my quilts to be treasured through the generations.
T: O7738302609

Yan Yun Gao

Yan Yun GaoView Bio

I am a self taught artist, based in St Albans, Hertfordshire. I have loved drawing since I was a child and always dreamed of being an artist one day. Unfortunately when I grew up I never got the chance to fulfil this ambition until I reached my 40s. By chance, I started to teach myself for a couple of years. Then, I attended many art workshops and classes to develop my technique. I attended Christiane Kubrick’s workshop for a year, an insight art school for couple of years,and also visited China to attend an oil painting course with a professional artist.
During the last 10 years, my artwork has been displayed and exhibited at Mentmore Arts Festival, St Albans art exhibition, Harpenden art exhibition, Ayot St Lawrence art show, Cambridge, open art exhibition, Broadway art festival and The Royal Academy of Arts Summer exhibition in 2023.
I think as an artist it is important to paint subjects that challenge yourself. Every canvas is a new adventure, every time I start a new artwork, it is a new experience and I am constantly learning and expanding my curiosity. I paint in oils, watercolour, and Chinese Ink, with subjects including still life, landscapes,w aterscapes, flowers, pet portraits – such a wide range of subjects.
I love art, love what I am doing and creating and enjoying the journey.

Catherine Golds

Catherine GoldsView Bio

I am inspired by the endless possibilities of forging, fusing and shaping sterling silver. Creating surface effects through texturing adds another dimension to the art of silversmithing. For many years I have been fascinated by gemstones and how the earth has created such incredible colours and beauty and I often incorporate them into my designs.

Using traditional silversmithing techniques, each piece is unique as it is lovingly hand-crafted. I take great pride in my workmanship and strive to create beautiful, affordable jewellery that can be worn every day.

Alexander James Gordon

Alexander James GordonView Bio

Alexander James Gordon’s paintings are inspired by the colour and light found in everyday travels. Drawing influence from the sky and imagining the possibility of colour to be used within his artwork. He will find colours from small marks on objects, especially if they are worn or are slightly damaged and play with these images and thoughts to create his next piece of work.

As an artist who is inspired by the ever changing sky and its influence on the colour in the world, he is very excited by the change of light which takes place in a very short period of time and the early rises of colour within the day.

Alexander works in oil paint with a palette knife to leave a visible mark on the canvas, this creates a texture to his work which adds a subtle layering to the piece. He is particularly fond of the marks made towards the end of the piece as he reveals the layers of paint beneath.

T- 07788920293

Ellen Higgins

Ellen HigginsView Bio

Ellen is a Hertfordshire based artist whose painting and drawing passion began at an early age and continued throughout her school years and onto further education, where she completed diploma in art and design.

After being made redundant from her job in the events industry during the pandemic, she reignited her true drive for creating art.

Her current collection is known for its vibrant and dynamic style, capturing the essence of her subjects, which are primarily nude female figures, through textured application of mediums and striking colour choices. Ultimately, her art is about the beauty of the human form and hopes that the viewers feel empowered by it and to look at themselves and others in a more positive and accepting light.

She is thrilled and excited to be exhibiting at the Mentmore Festival along with many other talented artists.
T: O7944071921

Clare Hogan

Clare HoganView Bio

Clare Hogan, an abstract botanical and still life artist, revels in vibrant hues and intricate patterns. Her bold, nostalgic mixed media paintings exude a captivating blend of nature’s essence and artistic flair. With each brushstroke, she captures the harmony between colour, form, and emotion, inviting viewers into her vivid world.
T- O1442827582
T- O7818087347

Tamsin Jolly

Tamsin JollyView Bio

I am an artist and printmaker working mainly in linocut. My prints are inspired by my love of nature, particularly British flora and fauna, and their associated symbolism and folklore. Handmade from start to finish; the linocut is designed, carved and then each print individually inked and printed by hand.
Tel O7817614860

Chris Jones

Chris JonesView Bio

My training as a Furniture Designer and Maker and then becoming a Design & Technology Teacher within the county, along with watercolour painting while sailing around the Mediterranean with my late husband for 15 years, have all given me a wealth of creative knowledge and experience. Earlier last year I was, very proudly, selected as a member of the Bucks Art Society.

My love of working with watercolour has grown greatly over the past year, and when appropriate, I incorporate a little mixed media, and sometimes ‘Semi-Abstract’ works, although new and exciting watercolour products are so vibrant and dynamic these days that the urge to incorporate them is so exciting too. My inspiration is mainly taken from ‘Nature’ and ‘The world around us’, and I know as soon as I see an image that ‘Art is calling’! I also produce limited edition Giclée prints and cards of my Artwork.

Rhodri Jones

Rhodri JonesView Bio

This year Rhodri is exhibiting a new series of acrylic paintings under the heading – “Tropicana” – Abstract shapes silhouetted with foliage providing a brand new and exciting look to his art.

Liz Judd

Liz JuddView Bio

I have been working with Watercolour and ink pen over the last year,…mainly A4/A5 and smaller. I have been drawn to painting trees, landscapes and nature, and then creating them with an abstract twist.
Recently I have tried the same techniques and colours but on a larger scale,as shown in this example. I use vibrate blues and greens to create a powerful contrast to the white boarder.
Tel – 07711502420

Tania Groombridge

Tania GroombridgeView Bio

I design a bespoke range of fashion and homeware items. This includes hand dyed silk scarves, ties and bow ties. I also make a range of felted items, such as purses, brooches, cards and a mixture of animals and characters. Alongside this there are examples of knitted and crochet fashion ware and decorations. All of my creations are handmade individual items using a wide range of materials and techniques that are suited to the piece.

Insta @tnormandesignss

Chloe Harrison

Chloe HarrisonView Bio

I began painting in 2013 on a Californian road trip. I felt inspired to start a sketchbook, documenting the exotic botanicals and bohemian towns we discovered.

I love to experiment with colour and patterns using a mixture of mediums. I find inspiration in ceramics, interiors, textiles, plants, and anything that makes me smile.

website –

instagram – @chloespaintings

Linda Hartley

Linda HartleyView Bio

Since retiring my interest in Art has increased. After attending a local ‘life drawing class’ I became hooked on shapes, form and tone which led on to abstract art. I found that drawing the human figure also led to portraits in oils which in turn introduced me to the exciting world of colour. I like to experiment and currently I am developing an interest in Notan art.
T: 07798865907

Michael Hartley

Michael HartleyView Bio

I am a self taught artist from Tring. I enjoyed art many years ago and now since I retired I have found more time to get back into it. I like to spend my free time in my studio striving to always improve and develop new techniques. I like to paint landscapes and portraits in oils and acrylics.

Melanie Harvey

Melanie HarveyView Bio

Self-taught, I started painting in 2017.

I paint in oils as I love the rich vibrancy which can be achieved in my realistic, representational work.

Inspired largely by Nature, my subject matter varies widely as I like to challenge myself, from intricate Still Life, to Animals and Landscapes.
tel: 07864 680898

Hannah Heys

Hannah HeysView Bio

Hannah is a multidisciplinary Artist & Designer, combining her passion for contemporary design with detailed craftsmanship, using both Textiles and Ceramics to create bold and colourful hand-crafted vases, rugs, wall hangings and cushions.
Each piece is unique and handcrafted in Hannah’s studio, based in Cheddington.


Liz Hobson

Liz HobsonView Bio

Over the decades of exploration and education in the creativity of Art, I have come to love specialising in paint and texture. My textual work is there to be experienced and to inspire imagination in the observer. Where other images explore the local flora, at unexpected perspectives. Together I aspire for my work to immerse the attention of the onlooker.

Art is in the eye of the beholder.

T: 07397790908

T: 07397790908


Ann Hoile

Ann HoileView Bio

My inspiration comes from a combination of vintage and modern textiles.

Sourcing the fabrics, matching colours and textures, although time consuming, enable me to create a selection of individual and useful items.

My main focus is a variety of bags that often involve patchwork with quilting and bead embellishment to enhance the fabric.

E mail:

Tel: 01525 379921

Belinda Hunt

Belinda HuntView Bio


Having trained under Dennis Hawkins RA, Belinda studied Fine Art at Byam Shaw, and Figurative Sculpture at the Heatherley. She is currently studying for an MA in Art Therapy at UH, and works in London as an Art Historian.
Her greatest influences include the Paris School and Bloomsbury set, for their sensual use of colour and line. She specialises in figurative and organic forms in various media in 2D and 3D.
She has exhibited in London, Edinburgh and Buckinghamshire and commissions have included murals, portraits, floral miniatures and ceramics.
Belinda is happy to accept commissions.Please contact

Belinda Hunt

Jo Jost

Jo JostView Bio

I am an abstract artist based in Long Marston, working predominantly in oil and acrylic paints. I draw a lot of inspiration from nature and am always trying to recreate that sensation of being in awe of my surroundings. I work intuitively, using gestural brushstrokes and vivid colours to express and explore my own emotional landscape.
Instagram: @artbyjojost

Sharon Korek

Sharon KorekView Bio

Glass is an exciting and versatile material to work with and sometimes it seems to have a life of its own. Sharon continues to explore the possibilities that glass offers and has recently created a series of pieces using Reactive Glass and Silver Leaf to create unusual and intriguing effects.

Mobile: 07841517947

Marion Macrae

Marion MacraeView Bio

Marion Macrae studied Art Education at Leeds and has taught art in schools and more recently in Adult Education. She works in pen and wash, mixed media and silk.Her favourite, however, is watercolour flower painting. She has exhibited locally for many years and was chair of Leighton Buzzard art Society.

Stuart Macrae learnt drawing starting with cartoons and then represented his school with a pen and wash aged 12.The drawing was used extensively in his career as a Physics teacher and later in business presentations. He has attended various art course since retiring (including Marion’s) and sells work at local pubs and exhibitions. He works in watercolour, oil and acrylic, but his favourite is pen and wash.

Stuart Macrae

Stuart MacraeView Bio

Stuart Macrae learnt drawing starting with cartoons and then represented his school with a pen and wash aged 12.The drawing was used extensively in his career as a Physics teacher and later in business presentations. He has attended various art course since retiring (including Marion’s) and sells work at local pubs and exhibitions. He works in watercolour, oil and acrylic, but his favourite is pen and wash.

Martin McCormack

Martin McCormackView Bio

I’ve been living in the village of Ivinghoe in the Chilterns for over 30 years.

I’m a creative artist who takes inspiration from the beautiful local country side, including places such as Ivinghoe Beacon and Ashridge woods.

I create my art in oil, watercolour and acrylics both on paper and canvas. I’m also an experienced photographer and digital artist.

My work is varied, from local landscape paintings through to abstract art and portraiture.

I enjoy being bold with colour, texture and style, I like to experiment and I’m not afraid to try new ideas whilst working on a painting.

I hope you enjoy seeing my work.


T: 07703 158944

Caroline Medri

Caroline MedriView Bio

I am a multi-disciplinary artisan maker who handcrafts an eclectic mix of unique art works both decorative and practical.
With a background in 3D design crafts, jewellery making and working as a Royal Horticultural Society trained gardener and garden designer my work is inspired by nature and my passion for mixing materials which include glass, ceramics, wire, textiles, paper and recycled objects.
I am pleased to be showing my work at Mentmore Arts Festival for the first time this year and will also be exhibiting more of my ceramic work with the Rowsham Creatives group during Bucks Art Weeks.
tel: 07867744050
Instagram carolinemedri

Jenny Molloy

Jenny MolloyView Bio

I am a local amateur artist,specialising in pastel and water colour. I paint mostly animals and birds. I also accept commissions .

T: 01525 375893

John Morris

John MorrisView Bio

John studied art at St Paul’s College, Cheltenham under the direction of the late Harold Sayer ARCA, RWA, RE.

John has produced many works in watercolour and his travels have resulted in paintings from Europe, the Middle and Far East, North America, Australia and Scandinavia, as well, of course as those of local interest in the UK.

It gives John great pleasure to know that his paintings are displayed in many homes including a small gallery in New York.

John’s work encompasses a wide range of subjects: street scenes, buildings, portraits of animals, adults and children, woodlands and landscapes.
T: O7794502941

Janet Nash

Janet NashView Bio

A lifelong passion for the natural world provides a wealth of subjects to capture on a variety of surfaces, working in different mediums. Although favouring pastels or charcoal, I continue to experiment with other mediums, most recently scratchboard.
Online and face to face workshops provide ongoing learning opportunities.

Mobile 07831 421498

Katie Nathan

Katie NathanView Bio

A Buckinghamshire artist, favouring acrylics, oils and pastels; subjects vary from the animal world to landscapes, flowers, local churches and places of interest.
I regularly exhibit my work in local exhibitions and sell in Ivinghoe – The Green Room and Picture Box, Tring High Street.

Instagram @kkkkatieartist

Caroline Newland-Smith

Caroline Newland-SmithView Bio

Caroline is a ceramic artist with a keen eye for architectural form, making both sculptural and useful objects. She usually starts with a wheel thrown piece that is altered, cut away or added to, producing surprising combinations. She likes pairs, sets and families of objects that have relationships with each other.
07768 076763

Bev Ralphs

Bev RalphsView Bio

I am inspired by the world around me, particularly our stunning landscapes. Working mainly in water mixable oils, watercolour, pastel and graphite I use colour and light to capture the natural environment, ensuring my medium is not harmful to our environment. Not formally trained, but tutored by an inspiring local professional artist. I hope you enjoy my work.

01296 662949

Mike Ralphs

Mike RalphsView Bio

Mike Ralphs Photographer/artist Working in various media predominantly photography.
I am a great believer in recycling/upcycling and re-using.
I dislike waste of any kind, if it be time or material do not waste it.

I am on facebook and instagram

Jane Riccobena

Jane RiccobenaView Bio

I have always loved painting from an early age
but had to put my passion on a back burner whilst working full time. Now in semi-retirement I have re-kindled my passion for creating wildlife art and now take commissions for pet portraits using pastel and coloured pencil. I also love watercolour and experimenting with mixed media. I’m a member of LBAS and
regard art as therapy and a window to appreciation of wildlife and nature and my pet portrait work gives me so much pleasure. This will be my first time exhibiting at Mentmore and am so looking forward to it!
email –
T – 01525214899/07821463468

Liz Sands

Liz SandsView Bio

I’ve always loved making things! I’m never happier than when crafting and I take great care with everything I make. I hand paint wooden shapes and decorations, sew fabric birds and bunting, crochet rose brooches and numerous other things!
I am really looking forward to the Mentmore Arts Festival.

Tel:- O7876196647
Facebook – Elizabeth Sands Hearts & Crafts

Anna Schofield

Anna SchofieldView Bio

Anna Schofield is a self-taught, intuitive, abstract artist who uses a combination of painting, mark making, collage and textiles to create colourful abstracts. She is passionate about the natural world and her work often includes motifs inspired by her time outdoors. Anna also creates one of a kind wood and resin serving boards in partnership with Rough Stuff Oak.

Elaine Seeby

Elaine SeebyView Bio

I am a traditional Dyer/Weaver, I work with plant based yarns, organic cottons, hemp, linen and Tencel. All work is woven by me in my studio in Oxhey. Hertfordshire.
I love to create colourful scarves and shawls; unique bookmarks, Wall hangings and I now have a range of handwoven homeware, all organic, sustainable and useable.
Commissions are welcome
07456 020 222

Avril Stanley-Coles

Avril Stanley-ColesView Bio

My name is Avril Stanley-Coles and I live in the bustling village of Bovingdon. I have always had a ‘soft spot’ for the creative Chinese Brush Stroke style and with the aid of a very kindly tutor at the Hampstead School of Art I have managed to put brush to paper and start to create my own technique.
Tel:- O7768205555

Jo Stewart

Jo StewartView Bio

Jo worked for many years in oil and watercolour, taking commissions for homes and pets. Now concentrating on pastels, painting for pleasure our beautiful and inspirational landscapes.

Jo Stewart

Beverley Sweetman

Beverley SweetmanView Bio

Beverley’s inspiration comes from the greatest designer of them all “Mother Nature”, exploring nature’s complex shapes, rhythms and patterns. The study of wildlife, animals and the natural world motivates her to create highly detailed pieces of work in a variety of mediums: Watercolour, Walnut Ink or Acrylic & Mosaics.
Tel: O7722180411
FB: Beverley Sweetman_Artist
Instagram: Beverley_Sweetman

Julie Tebbutt

Julie TebbuttView Bio

‘Julie has been an artist for over 20 years and is inspired by travel and natural photography. She paints in watercolour, pastel and acrylic/oil’

Huw Thomas

Huw ThomasView Bio

Local landscapes painted in acrylic depicting the beauty, atmosphere and large skies surrounding the Chilterns. A colourist where the blue’s in particular are vibrant and depict the changing seasons. Also, seascapes are a focus of his work especially in West Wales and the Isles of Scilly where the light is transparent.

Email :
Tel: O7504690257

Liz Turner

Liz TurnerView Bio

Based in Chesham Liz Turner (Lets be Cats Jewellery) makes jewellery, accessories & cards using unusual upcycled materials. Passionate about finding uses for otherwise discarded items, she uses pages from old novels, vintage music scores, playing cards, haberdashery, bicycle inner tubes, maps & more.

Tel: O7969145811

On Etsy, Instagram & Facebook

Kelly Vincent

Kelly VincentView Bio

Kelly is an abstract artist with a love for working with wood and resin. She was born in Oxford although she spent 10 years of her childhood growing up in Southern Spain. Kelly now lives in Buckinghamshire with her husband and two children.After working in London as a Police Officer for 12 years, Kelly was diagnosed with PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. As a way to channel her nervous energy and boost her mood she started painting. Painting allowed her to switch off and for once in her life, be completely present in the moment. Painting has been an amazing therapy for Kelly, and it has helped her reach a place in her life where she is simply happy and exactly where she wants to be.
With a simple goal to hold on to that feeling of happiness, Kelly is now a full-time artist working from her home studio in Buckinghamshire.
M: 07487520609

Jane Waller

Jane WallerView Bio

Jane trained at Hornsey Art College (BA Sculpture) and then at the Royal College of Art (MA Ceramics) and she has drawn throughout her life, concentrating chiefly on capturing movement.

One of the things she enjoys now is to attend Ballet Dress Rehearsals and draw ‘Dancers in Movement’ in the dark – the orchestra strikes up, the curtains open – and the auditorium lights go out. So she homes in on the stage, and just captures the movement the dancers make during each ballet. Often she adds colour very swiftly afterwards, but does not work on the drawings – or they stop dancing!

She is delighted to show her work at Mentmore and will bring some drawings from recent ballets.

Emma Williams

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Emma’s work depicts the local landscape, layering location, geographical references and elements of the local flora and fauna. Her drawings capture the differing perspectives of the landscape – combining real location with fragments of maps – morphing real places with imagined worlds.
Emma regularly exhibits throughout Buckinghamshire including opening her studio for Bucks Art Weeks in June and is a member of the Buckinghamshire Art Society.