Come and Exhibit With Us

Saturday 25th May to Monday 27th May 2024
Mentmore, Buckinghamshire LU7 0QF

Exhibit Your Work

Calling all artists for Saturday 25th May to Bank Holiday Monday 27th May 2024

Book now for exhibition space in the Church and Village Hall

If you are a painter, sculptor, or work in wood, glass or ceramics, this is a great opportunity to show and sell your work. In 2023 we had over 1000 visitors and sold just under £25,500 worth of art.  25% commission is payable.  Stands are available for the 3 days from £40.  Please ensure that you do not overflow or put too many pictures on your area – it does not look attractive and art needs space for potential buyers to appreciate it.  Also your fellow artists may feel that it does not look pretty!  A good example is the picture above and do look i the gallery too.  If you are in the church then some of you have pews – however again please do not over fill as it can look messy and obviously we want it to look wonderful at all times. Cards and browsers are to be displayed in the church vestry, porch and these cost £10 per browser or card stand.You must bring your own browser or wheelie card stand.  The committee cannot guarantee where your browser or card stand will go. Please ensure all art, prints, cards and pieces are priced with Mentmore Arts Festival labels which are on the website as a download.  The pictures must all be wired. The toilets are only at the Hall – there are none in the church.

Can you help us attract more visitors?

Last year we attracted more visitors than ever, but still need to spread the word wider afield. To attract more visitors and potential buyers we’d like you to help us. We’ll supply you with posters which are on the website to download, leaflets and emailable invites to give to your family,friends and work colleagues.

Set-up Day

Friday 24th May 2024 10am – 4pm
All exhibits in the Church or Village Hall must be complete by 4pm at the very latest.  You do not need to bring hooks but your work must be wired at the back.  Help should be on hand to unload your vehicle and then please as a courtesy to other artists – move your cars to the village green.

The Private View

Friday 24th May 2024  6pm – 9pm 
We will hold a Private View (by invitation only) in the evening.  A Bar is available serving wine and soft drinks.

Each exhibitor in the Church and Village Hall will receive invitations to distribute by email to send to their friends and family.

  • Artists are welcome to atttend the event but is not essential at all.  All art must be priced and have wires from the back in order to hang.  Hooks are provided.
  • Display posters either A4 or A3 size are also available

Exhibiting in Mentmore Village Hall – PLEASE SEE MAP OF THE HALL AS A DOWNLOAD

Mentmore Village Hall provides 30 wall spaces (various sizes see map on the website) with pictures hung from the picture rail and on steel supports. Also 16 wooden stands measuring 2ft 6″ wide and 4ft 10″ in height. Spaces can be reserved individually or up to a maximum of two. It is up to you how many exhibits your area can accommodate. Please ensure you do not overfill your area and that you show kindness to your next door artist by not overcrowding your area.  It is always a good idea to bring spare artwork to replace sold pieces.

St Mary’s Church provides 40 exhibition spaces offering a unique mixture of metal panels, or table tops (4ft x 2ft). Some of the metal panels at the church are very high so take a look at the gallery on the website. No fixtures other than those provided can be used anywhere within the church. Spaces can be reserved individually or up to a maximum of two. It is up to you how many exhibits your area can accommodate but do not over fill.  Tables or table tops can be booked please phone 01296 625024 (Deborah) to discuss.

All exhibition space (Church and Village Hall) is subject to availability. Where possible the organisers will allocate space as requested but this cannot be guaranteed.  Browser stand spaces and wheelie card stand spaces are available at £10 each and are normally in the church vestry if space is available. Bring you own browser or card stand.  All must be labelled with Mentmore Arts Festival labels and priced.

COMMISSIONS – Any commissions or similar arrangements contracted at the Festival, or that come about as a result of contacts or introductions made at the Festival are subject to the conditions and fees of the Festival i.e. 25% of the gross revenue generated from such commissions or arrangements.


The exhibition closes at 5pm on the Monday and you may take down and remove all your exhibits at that time. We would prefer if you do not start taking down before that time.