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Opening Times for the 2016 event in the church and village hall.
Car parking is available on The Green.
Saturday 28th May 2016 11am – 5pm
Sunday 29th May 2016 11am – 5pm
Monday 30th May 2016 11am – 5pm


Church Artists

Joanne Bowes
I am a Textile Artist who creates unique hand-made treasures using natural materials, dyes and traditional skills. My work includes textile, printed and ink landscapes and naturally dyed accessories and upcycled clothing. My inspiration comes from the natural world: in particular I love to explore the textures; forms and colours contained within inspirational landscapes. I achieved BA (Hons) Contemporary Applied Art – Textiles.

Peter Keegan not exhibiting in 2016

Peter Keegan is an award-winning artist specialising in portraiture and landscapes. Working in oils, Peter follows traditional techniques but uses them in a way to depict the people he meets in a modern and original style. His aim is to always create a painting or drawing that reflects the subject’s likeness and personality, as well as capturing those special elements which make the subject truly “them”.

T: 01296 711860

Amanda Curbishley
I feel a connection to light, shape and colour in nature which is reflected in my work. Using acrylic and mixed media I try to incorporate bright colours and textures into my paintings, which lean toward the semi abstract. Subjects are varied, though my main loves are boats and the sea. I’m always excited to learn new media and techniques to develop my artistic skills.

I regularly take part in exhibitions throughout Bucks including Bucks Open Studios, the Buckinghamshire Art Society Exhibitions, Obsidian Art and Bucks County Museum. I am a member of the Buckinghamshire Art Society and the Visual Images Group. I also tutor at local art groups.

T: 01296 428358

Debbie Eden

Debbie is a qualified glass artist who studied glass at the renowned International Glass Centre in Stourbridge.
She now has a cottage industry creating kiln-formed glassworks and jewellery in her Leighton Buzzard home studio.


Ken HaslarKen Haslar

Painting in acrylics, oils and pastels I have had a go at most subjects including portraits and still life but I am more comfortable with landscapes. Most of my work is taken from sketches and photos taken on holidays and other trips but I always try to interpret the view in my own way. This is my second visit to the Mentmore Festival and I wish the event every success.


Victoria Johns
Victoria works in painting, printmaking and photography. “The artwork I produce is more often than not inspired by my surroundings. I enjoy capturing ‘moments in time’ with my camera and then exploring the image further in my studio.”
T: 07813 193631

Nyree Kavanagh
Previously a graphic designer of 13 years working in television and web design, I am now a self-taught painter capturing wonderful still-lifes and portraits. My main passion is shoes, all sizes, styles, old and new, well-loved or new. You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, as an extension of their character, they all tell a story.
Available for painting commissions and web design.
T: 07802423285

S_ParslowStella Parslow
Stella is a self taught artist who started painting with Enamel on Ivorine ( imitation Ivory) and Eggshells.
Her first exhibitions were The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (Miniatures Section) and the Medici Gallery, London. From these beginnings she has experimented extensively with techniques of watercolour and gouache, creating a unique collection of detailed fine work which has been widely published.
T: 01908 648697

Andrew Turner

Andrew specialises in landscape, wildlife and fine art photography. Last year one of his images featured as a commended entry in the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition. This year he turns his attention to infrared photography, a subject he has long had a passion for.

 T: 07784 505307

Andy Wilkinson
Andy studied photography and design at St Albans School of Art & Design and at Exeter School of Art. Andy presents a suite of photographic landscape essays and short stories based on colour, texture, shape and form – taken over the last two years at home and abroad.

Each image aims to capture the overlooked and forgotten, finding beauty and meaning in isolated details. This collection of snippets of light and shade have been brought together to create a visual and emotional link to a place or event in time, awakening senses of heat and wind, of sound and smell, of season and history.

T: 01525 374270
M: 07753 188341

Stevie Wilkinson
Stevie has a background in illustration with a BA Hons art degree. She is currently freelancing and working on commissions. She is also painting a series of farm and landscape pictures, creating card designs, nursery pictures and murals.
T: 01525 374270

Heather Fitz

I trained as a Window Dresser in a north London Store and spent six years there before I married and came to Harpenden. I then spent the next three years window dressing in St Albans before having children.
It is only in the last few years that I have been able to devote the time needed to develop different techniques and am now happy to be painting and drawing animals & flowers. I enjoy experimenting with many different mediums, including watercolour, pastel, coloured pencils, inks and wax crayons. I have become well known for painting hares and I attribute this to my friend Richard Ansell, who will sit for hours waiting for the ‘right shot’ in the Suffolk countryside. I exhibit in many local art exhibitions around Hertfordshire and have had some my work chosen by a marketing company to reproduce as canvases and cards.

Julie TebbuttJulie Tebbutt

I am a local artist based in Stoke Hammond, and my inspiration comes from the environment and surrounding where I live, or whilst on my travels. The light and colours of Europe and the continent really have much influence on my paintings. I paint in pastel, water colour, oils and acrylic.

Barbara KiffBarbara Kiff

My preferred painting medium is watercolour and I mainly paint impressions of flowers in a loose style. I started painting later in life and although I went to art classes for a while I am mostly self taught. Over the years I have sold my paintings through art exhibitions, Herts Open Studios and Art on the Common in Harpenden.

Donice Sousa

I have been in love with ceramics for many years and I recently completed a Diploma in Ceramics at West Herts College.  The affair is only stronger now!

I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful old pub on the Grand Union Canal so much of my inspiration is drawn from the extraordinary surroundings in which I find myself every day.  My morning walk along the tow path with my dog Arrow never fails to delight.  A heron standing motionless…fishing – until it sees the dog; the swans racing over to hiss at him just in case he gets any ideas; the ducks reluctantly rushing into the water before there’s trouble and the little moorhen darting away in abject terror.  Canal boats shifting slowly along to the next lock, each as individual as we ourselves.  Some ablaze with colour, decorated with roses and castles, and adorned with beautifully crocheted geometric window dressings…others quite dowdy and functional but all telling a tale as they motion along. Walk over….time to get making – the beauty of the day pouring into my work.

Emma TattamEmma Tattam

I enjoy working with a range of media such as watercolour, ink, fine liner pens & colour pencil.
My work is inspired by British Wildlife and nature.

Henriette Busch

I am a painter but I also work in digital media, combining the 2 disciplines to create unique and original images. In my work I attempt to capture the essence of things – places and houses lived in long ago whose vivid colours and smells, whose windows and doorways have lingered at the edge of my memory. I try to create an illusion, a feeling of heightened awareness in my images which in their final version often bear no resemblance to the original, often quite plain, image but have become enhanced and imbued with a dreamlike quality. Our memories too work like that – we often see past events and places in our minds eye in an enhanced way, and give them qualities they never really had. I work with different media – paint, photography, digital and often combine different images – parts of paintings, photographs or digital images, and juxtapose these with one another to change the original image, yet retain a recognizable element of it. Colour is a very important element in my work, I use it to express feelings as it has so many moods.

T: 07711 837051

Karen EllisKaren Ellis

I originally trained as a graphic designer and then in botanical illustration at The Chelsea Physic Garden. My work is mainly in watercolour, however, I am currently experimenting in gouache on a black background. I have previously exhibited in London, New York and locally.

Denise WilliamsDenise Williams

I am a glass designer and maker working in ceramics and glass, offering an extensive range of beautiful vibrant glass. This is comprised of bowls, vases and handmade jewellery. This range is combined with my latest collection of porcelain tableware. Many of my pieces reflect the love of colour and texture, some of which can transform spaces according to the change of light. They are created to excite the viewer with colourful, vibrant and striking hues. All of my pieces are made using beautiful high quality materials.

T: 07952921577

Rosalind CastlingRosalind Castling

Inspired by colour and texture my work is very much influenced by my love of fibres and the infinite variety of colours and textures that can be achieved through felting. This fusion of wool, fibres and fabrics enables me to build up layers of textures and colour to achieve a painterly effect.


Helen WhiteHelen White

Helen is an Illuminator who uses traditional gilding methods, and a Ceramicist making tiles, coasters and jewellery. She gains inspiration from medieval sources for her precise and detailed work, and often uses geometry to give a harmonious underlying structure.

T: 01494 772362

Julie Ann
Julie is an encaustic wax artist who works from her studio in Bourne End, Hertfordshire. She uses encaustic blocks, beeswax and mixed media to create unusual textural, at times, 3D abstract pieces. She runs workshops in encaustic techniques, an ancient art form originally used by the Egyptians 2,000 years ago.

T: 07976 700737


Sarah Russell

Whilst my background is a degree in Illustration and animation I am now working with much more freedom. I aim to make the viewer want to step into my picture and be in that space. I strive to capture a moment of clarity, in harmony with the elements and the seasons. Monotypes are a very sympathetic medium for the immediacy of this, whereas my drypoint work is altogether more nostalgic….but hopefully just as appealing.


Helen Halliday

I am a painter, printmaker and ceramicist influenced by my love of colour and the natural world – I make detailed observations of shape, tone, colour and structure using sketchbooks to record my impressions when out in the landscape and use these ideas to develop my painting and ceramics. I graduated in Fine Art at Hertfordshire University in 2000 and since then have completed diplomas in printmaking, ceramics and teaching. I have worked for local authorities and have taken part in community projects; I created a ceramic mural for Mount Vernon Cancer Centre in 2010 and helped develop a community mural in South Oxhey. I now run painting holidays both here and abroad and teach painting on cruise ships.


Niki Bell

Niki Bell is an Artist and Printmaker. She has always been involved in different areas of art and design. She gained a BA (Hons) degree in Fashion and Textile Design from Birmingham City University, and worked in both fashion and graphic design. She took up watercolour painting after her move to the Chilterns. Her interest lies in depicting British Wildlife and Farm Animals in both artistic mediums. The colours and the essence of the beautiful creatures in the countryside around are her inspiration.


NikiJeni Hurlock

I was born into an artistic family and was drawing and painting as soon as I could lift a pencil and brush. I have been exhibiting and selling paintings from the early 1970’s, and as an adult I enrolled at St. Albans College of Art to do an Access course and went on to train in Art & Design at the University of Hertfordshire. I later furthered my knowledge in textiles by studying for a Diploma in Textiles with the Open College of the Arts.
A lot of my early work was strongly influenced by my interest in the relationship between art and science. This interest led to the publication of an article about my work in the August/September 1998 issue of Workbox magazine. I had a feature published in April 1996 edition of the magazine Artists & Illustrators, on the subject of “Art & Science” and I have written several art book reviews. More recently I have had my work published in Hertfordshire Life and various other periodicals. I have exhibited throughout England and I also work to commission.
My interest lies in nature. A great deal of my early inspiration was drawn from microscopic images; the natural world takes on a new dimension when viewed through the microscope. However, I also look around me and marvel at the colours, textures and shapes that are visible to the naked eye.
I have taught Creative Textiles to adults with Special Needs, adult evening classes and also workshops, giving demonstrations and talks to various societies and organisations. However, I recently returned to painting with a view to exhibiting and I get my inspiration from the natural world around me. I also enjoy painting animals and I paint pet portraits to commission.


Laura Dunmow

Having experimented with various forms of ‘traditional’ media, I have become increasing interested with how digital applications can create an additional dimension to my work. My paintings are a result of combing traditional methods within a digital environment, where treatments merge and complex mixes are created into a ‘fusion’ of applied acrylics, inks, pastels and pens. I’m currently exhibiting in various galleries across Hertfordshire and once again will be participated in Hertfordshire Open Studios this coming September. I gladly undertake private commissions – so if you are considering a private commission, whether it’s a portrait, landscape, still life or even an abstract piece, please don’t hesitate contact me for details.

T: 01438 717991

Yvonne Sint
I started watercolour painting about 20 years ago, thought I would try it for a year and give up if I found it too difficult. Well, I am still trying! I prefer the look of pure watercolour to work in other media although I do occasionally dabble in acrylics. I paint my watercolours in a spontaneous, loose manner, using plenty of water and thick, bright colours straight from the tubes.
I enjoy watching the way the paint reacts. Although this is not an easy method and there are many disasters, when it is successful it is very rewarding.
My subjects are contemporary and varied, ranging from flowers to figures, from still-life to semi-abstract landscapes. I enjoy using my imagination, not always knowing the outcome of the painting.


Danny Ewers LRPS
Danny is a self taught photographer, specialising in natural history and landscapes in Buckinghamshire and beyond. He is a Bespoke Picture Framer based at Gallery Thirty One in Aylesbury, where he prints, mounts and frames all of his Fine Art Limited Edition work, which is also permanently on display there and available for sale.

T 01296 331122

Fiona Ewers BA
Fiona is a Graphic Designer by trade, but dabbles with textile art, photography and printmaking in her spare time. Fiona specialises in felt making, and reduction lino printing, is a member of the International Feltmakers Association and an associate member of Beds, Bucks & Herts Print Society. All of her work is inspired by nature, and in particular the Buckinghamshire countryside.

T 07786 687770

Jim Hetterley

A retired art teacher, who paints mainly in acrylics and usually of local scenes and landscapes. Also available for commissions.

T: 01525 375455

Denise Souza

I have been in love with ceramics for many years and I recently completed a Diploma in Ceramics at West Herts College. The affair is only stronger now!

I am lucky enough to live in a beautiful old pub on the Grand Union Canal so much of my inspiration is drawn from the extraordinary surroundings in which I find myself every day. My morning walk along the tow path with my dog Arrow never fails to delight. A heron standing motionless…fishing – until it sees the dog; the swans racing over to hiss at him just in case he gets any ideas; the ducks reluctantly rushing into the water before there’s trouble and the little moorhen darting away in abject terror. Canal boats shifting slowly along to the next lock, each as individual as we ourselves. Some ablaze with colour, decorated with roses and castles, and adorned with beautifully crocheted geometric window dressings…others quite dowdy and functional but all telling a tale as they motion along.

Walk over….time to get making – the beauty of the day pouring into my work.


Eddie Kent

I see myself as a ceramic artist rather than a potter. Most of my work is ‘non-functional’ and could be described as ‘sculptural’.
I work with the Raku process of firing plus some stoneware. My love is carving the clay and creating three dimensional geometric
doodles and this has become a feature of my later work along with carved words in internally illuminated works.
I work from my workshop in Bledlow Ridge, Buckinghamshire and teach and run workshops from ‘The Phoenix Studio’ in Towesey, Oxon.


Samantha Barnes

Samantha Barnes is a passionista of all things drawing. Her work convey’s a humorous style and hangs very well in family spaces. Graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 1994, Samantha’s artistic achievements are many, including a solo show at Harrods, various television contributions & opening her own gallery in Clapham Common during the Millennium year. Today Samantha lives in Suffolk with her family and has a beautiful studio in which she makes her paintings, drawings, prints & cards.

Nick Clarke

Cabinet Maker and Designer.
From the simple to the elaborate, everything is unique. Church furnishings are a speciality.
T: 01525 234 130

Graham Stanmore

My work is primarily in acrylics, but includes oils and pastels My subject matter ranges from portrait work to landscape and cityscapes inspired by recent visits to various US and European cities.  I work primarily on canvas and canvas board to various dimensions

Mick Forster

I am an artist and musician currently living in Tring. I’ve done various types of artwork over the years, ranging from book illustrations, skateboard graphics, watercolour painting and signwriting. The latest paintings I have done were somewhat inspired by a trip to Sri Lanka where I saw a lot of artwork comprising of bright bold colours and patterns.
I found that by using so many different coloured dots and squiggles I could create paintings that while looking quite symmetrical and organised can also seem very loose and even chaotic which I think makes for quite an interesting combination. The paintings are all done on wood using a combination of emulsion and enamel paints. I also make the frames myself and try to incorporate them as part the painting too.
T: 07585 228260

Cathy Read

A qualified Occupational therapist, Cathy started her art career in 2008. Self taught, her earlier paintings were predominantly circle based abstracts but developed into urban landscapes fuelled by a lifelong interest in buildings. This evolution was only natural following a childhood dominated by the giant mills of the Cotton industry.
Her distinctive paintings depict the geometric shapes and inherent patterns of architecture in a free, expressive style. The inspiration coming from time spent in London and other major cities.Cathy’s artwork has been shown around the UK as well as Europe, with pictures in collections as far afield as Canada and Europe. Commissioned by Oxford University Press, her work illustrates the 2016 Oxford Almanack. Cathy S R Read is a member of the Society of Women Artists. Exhibiting with them at their Summer Exhibition at the Mall Galleries since 2013. In 2015 she received the Barbara Tate Memorial Award from the society for her body of work. She’s also exhibited with the Royal Watercolour Society in London.
T: 07818 240116


Sarah Croucher

Sarah grew up in Leighton Buzzard before going on to study Theatre Design at Nottingham Trent University. She went on to win a place on the BBC vision costume scheme and worked as a costume assistant on a variety of television and film productions. In 2010 Sarah retrained as a Primary School Teacher and now lives and works in West London. More recently She undertook several courses in writing and illustrating children’s picture books. It was through these courses that she was inspired to develop her own portfolio of work for exhibition.

Ning Ning Jennings

I am always inspired by the beautiful nature around me. I love to create artwork that captures the reality of the things around but I also enjoy doing something imaginative and spiritual. A painting that leaves an impression in one’s heart and mind is what I strive to make. I paint using a variety of medium, however using oil is my preferred method.


Sally Bassett

The essence of Sally Bassett’s work is its energy, vitality and colour. Sally draws her inspiration from the sea, the landscape and flowers.
Sally’s work commences with observational drawings, sketches and notes collected in a small sketch book which she always carries with her.
After a number of years in teaching Sally spent five years on a Fine Art degree course which she completed successfully in 1994.



Hall Artists


Alison Perkins
Alison is a self-taught wildlife and pet portrait artist from rural Bedfordshire. Working mainly in graphite and coloured pencil as it captures the natural essence of her subjects. Alison has exhibited nationally and accepts commissions.
T: 07910 245 392

MarionMacraeMarion Macrae

Marion Macrae has exhibited with the Leighton Buzzard Arts Society for many years and is now the chairman of the society. Her first love is watercolour which she finds perfect for painting landscapes and flowers. She also works in pen and wash, mixed media and silk.
She works as an adult education tutor for Milton Keynes Community Learning and Bucks Education authority. She also teaches privately at Heath and Reach near Leighton Buzzard.


MartinMccormackMartin McCormack
Martin is a photographer and creative digital artist. He is a licensed member of The Royal Photographic Society.
T: 07703 158944

Jenny Molloy
Jenny is self taught and has been painting with water colour and pastels for many years. She prefers to paint animals ,especially
poultry and dogs. She is happy to undertake commissions for portraits of dogs and other animals from photo`s.
T: 01525 375893
Bramble Cottage, 8 Ledburn, Leighton Buzzard,
Beds LU7 0PX

John Morris
John studied art at St Paul’s College, Cheltenham. After teaching for five years, John lived and worked in Hong Kong. Works were produced in watercolour, gouache and collage. Further travel has resulted in paintings from Europe, Middle and Far East, North America, Australia and Scandinavia as well, of course, as those of local interest in the UK. John’s work encompasses a wide range of subjects: street scenes, buildings, portraits of animals and children, woodlands and landscapes.

T: 01525 714995

Edward GosneyEdward Gosney

After a career in advertising, Eddie has returned to his first love of photography which he studied as part of his graphics course at college.  He has been concentrating on developing a portfolio of limited edition photographic prints of his work over several years.  Last year he had a successful one-man show at Wycombe Museum, during Bucks Open Studios and has also exhibited in several other shows including Aylesbury Programmer School.  His photographs reflect his love of the countryside, the places he has visited and the people he meets.


Alan Boutel

My childhood love of nature resulted in a desire to record the natural world and I have now been photographing wildlife for nearly forty years. I have won many awards and competitions in this time, including the Kodak Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. I particularly enjoy capturing animal behaviour and activity. These images are available as canvas wraps, fine art printsand greeting cards. I have been a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society for a number of years.

T: 01296 670491
M: 07976 373427

Charles ColesCharles Coles

Time is mostly taken up with running a small family business publishing fine art greeting cards but whenever possible my interest and love of photography, a lifelong passion, comes first.


Yvonne Gibson

Over the years I have enjoyed painting, attending many courses to discover the joys of various mediums, always belonging to the local art club where we lived (most recently Wendover and then Wingrave).  Now fully retired I am able to paint with a friend on a regular basis and looking to progress my work.

T: 01296 435531

Sue CosbySue Cosby

I’m a local artist from Bedfordshire and this will be my fourth exhibition at Mentmore. I tend to lean more towards land and seascapes, as this is what I really enjoy painting, however I will have a go at anything, I just love painting.

Kate Andrews

Kate holds a first class honours degree in Graphic Design from Bournemouth Arts Institute and a merit award from the International Society of Typographic Designers. She is a Director of Ignite! Futures – an organisation promoting creativity in learning. After five years working in London as a designer and brand consultant, Kate is reigniting her passion for the arts and well-being. Kate is currently studying a photographic diploma with the Institute of Photography and has recently launched SketchBetter, a creative therapy initiative.

Kate’s meditative drawings and photography are inspired by nature, psychology and mental health. Kate is exhibiting for the second time at MAF this year, alongside her father Alan.

Twitter: @kateandrews

Alan AndrewsAlan Andrews

Alan started his career as a carpenter and joiner and subsequently moved into the construction industry in the 1980s. For over 30 years he has a developed a keen interest in architecture, the built environment, the fine arts and surrealism. During this period he has produced various paintings, pen drawings and pencil sketches that have until now remained private, under the pseudonym BBWLB. This is Alan’s second exhibition in public in conjunction with his daughter Kate.


Anthony Purdy

I am largely a self taught painting in both watercolour and oils. I am interested in buildings within a landscape and figurative paintings. Many of my landscape paintings are from North Norfolk, an area of the UK I have been constantly visiting for more than 30 years, boats feature quite often in my paintings even though I avoid actually going in them. I have continued to develop as an artist to a point where I am able to sell my work, and have paintings in several countries.

T: 01263 663221 or 07584 261064

Anneli Boon

Anneli is a mixed media artist from Finland. She studied at Hertfordshire University gaining BA in Art and Design and now lives in Hertfordshire. Most of her art is made in collage form using self-prepared papers with glorious colours and textures.Work ranges from minimalist abstract colourful forms, which are often perceived as landscapes, to funky imaginary birds, which inspire a story for adults and children! She wants her pictures to raise the spirits of viewers and provide some fun.


Samantha Hurley

St Albans based Artist Samantha Hurley specialises in painting acrylic on canvas. Samantha trained in GNVQ Art & Design at College before embarking on an alternative career whilst all the while continuing to paint for fun.  She has returned to painting intensively as this is her passion and release.  Samantha has exhibited with St Albans Art Society, Hertford Art Society and at the Animal Studio & Gallery in Bedford.  Samantha paints a wide variety of subjects so that she can push her boundaries but a common theme throughout her work is the use of bold and striking colours.  Samantha is available for commissioned work and limited edition prints can be obtained upon request.


Mark Pennifold
I am a self taught artist exhibiting at Mentmore Arts Festival for the first time. In all honesty, it’s my first time exhibiting full stop. I predominantly work in Acrylics in an Contemporary Impressionist style with my trusty palette knives. Colour, light and movement are what I aim to convey in my paintings which are mostly figurative in subject. I work from photos for commissions but prefer to work from my mind or from rough sketches. I am looking forward to being part of the event and meeting everyone else involved.


Yanyun Gao
I am a self taught artist who started to painting with oil. I have been studying at Insight school of Art for a year, I love to paint landscape, seascape and flowers. I love Art and enjoy to paint.



Bob Williams

Bob Williams studied Art at High Wycombe, Southend-On-Sea, The North-East London Polytechnic, and The Slade School of Fine Art. His work exists as a celebration of places visited and people met. The family holiday, the journey; act as a stimulus towards the production of a personal iconography. His images build towards a resonance, whereby each work interacts to produce a feeling of comfort and well-being. The drawings are of a symbiotic nature in that they reside alongside the three-dimensional work in equal status. If you would like to know more about my work please email me, or visit during Bucks open studios, during June 2015.


Alice Cooper

Alice has a background in Landscape Architecture with a passion for the outdoors and exploring the British countryside. Having recently relocated to the south coast Alice is looking forward to developing her interests in photography, drawing and wood engraving.


Rebecca West-Beale

My paintings are continually evolving and changing. At the moment I am really interested in birds in flight, the movement and space that they create. I love to paint and feel lucky that I have been able to sell my work over the years. As well as painting on canvas I have painted on a range of other things for people, these include chairs and even shoes! I also love to do charcoal portraits. Commissions accepted. Hope you enjoy seeing my work.

T: 07582 250623
Faceboook: Artfromthewood

Jane Wilson
Jane originally studied printed textile design and worked for many years in the fashion industry. She is a self-confessed Cartophile and magpie with a large collection of old maps, vintage books and other interesting ephemera. By using the antique paper and linen from badly deteriorated pieces she creates unique, contemporary works of art.
She has exhibited both locally, in London and through an online gallery and her work has found new homes all over the world.


Alexandra Buckle

Alexandra Buckle is inspired by countryside walks; excited by light, shadow and colour, she captures her favourite scenery as colourful ‘reduction’ linocuts. This relief printing technique involves cutting and printing each layer of colour from the same block of lino in order to build up an image.
Alexandra lives in Bicester where she teaches private lino printing tuition at her home studio. Her prints have been hung in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and in the Society of Women Artists exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London.


Julie Lue

My work is an exploration of floral shape, form and colour. My favourite medium is acrylic on stretched linen. I am experimenting with a new technique of using acrylic on unprimed linen which allows a more abstract and contemporary result.

Avril Coles

Avril has studied Chinese art for several years and enjoys creating pictures using her knowledge of Chinese painting to convey her love of nature, expressing her ideas in delicate brush strokes and techniques reflected in thousands of years  of Chinese culture.
Avril lives in Bedfordshire with her husband, who is a photographer.

In The Village Hall Garden Artists

Les Langley
Born in the Transvaal in South Africa, Les has recently moved to Challock in Kent after completing 23 years military service with the UK Armed Forces. He served all over the world and is quite enjoying the tranquil peace of life in Kent with his partner Hannah. Horses, cats and carvings make a nice change from active service.He has been chainsaw carving as a hobby for about 5 years and full time since November 2012. He has a fully kitted out workshop where he makes a variety of products including traditional chainsaw carvings, hand engraved signs, bowls and platters and benches and garden tables. He also does carvings in situ and attends shows throughout the summer months.All his timber is locally sourced from tree surgeons and trees that have been brought down in storms.
Facebook: chainsawizard


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